SKMHTA Shirts Available
We have available for purchase short sleeve navy or red T-shirts for $15 and navy long-sleeve shirts for $ 20.

But wait!! There's more........

On-Time Tees located at 218 Elkhorn Road in Whitewater has the SKMHTA logo on file and can embroider on most anything. 

You can bring in your own garments or buy from them.  There is a small discount when you have multiple items done at the same time.  You can choose your thread color as well.

Call them at 262-473-7673 or check out their website HERE for available merchandise. 

Here are some examples of what can be done.

Get your SKMHTA Logo Hoofpick here!!!

Hammered Horse Products (one of our Partners/Sponsors) created  these awesome SKMHTA logo hoofpicks from cherry wood, and you can get one for your very own for just $25. Better yet, with the purchase of every SKMHTA logo hoofpick, Hammered Horse Products will donate $5 to the club! 

Order yours TODAY by clicking HERE!

Trail Hankies are here!  Only $6 and available at our monthly meetings and events

Now available for purchase here.  Payment through Paypal.  Only $1.50 for shipping!!

Great trail maps but also good for doo rags, emergency diapers, blindfolds, or tie all your stuff on the end of a stick and run away from home.

Available colors are:
Light Blue
Dark Green
Dark Grey
Lime Green
Buff Beige
              Contact Tara at 262-613-8920 or click HERE to email.

Order your SKMHTA logo items here!

Now that we have our cool new logo, I'll bet you're wishing you could get things like coffee mugs, water bottles, heck---even a onesie for that new baby---with that logo on it.... 
Well, now you can! And YOU can choose the item; just click HERE to go to Cafe Press and use the pull-down menu to choose the category of items you want (eg, apparel, mugs, bags, etc); click to see it with our logo and then order online. Orders are paid to and processed by Cafe Press. 
Plus, Cafe Press gives our club a commission on each item sold! 
TIP: when you bring up an item with our logo, check to see that the entire logo fits on the item appropriately, eg, is wide enough to accomodate the club name, etc. We noticed some things like certain stickers didnt seem to be quite wide enough to display the entire logo and name....

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