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Corral Footing Installation at Horserider's Campground

We were thrilled to see the DNR was able to complete a few more corral footings!  DNR staff has been taking care to not bring in the equipment when there are campers, to avoid spooking horses, so getting into the 400 row by the bathhouse has been a challenge.  They were able to complete sites 405 and 414, and they look great!  Several board members sat down with Brian Lemke, DNR Park Supervisor, and discussed our goals.  The DNR will focus next on sites 402-406, as they are the most heavily utilized, and then will move over to the 430-437 sites.  In regards to corrals, we have purchased several more campsites worth of corrals from Priefert, and just got notice that they are ready to be picked up!  Exciting!!  The funds raised last year, grants from several amazing sponsors, and all of your support at the Ride for Corrals this past June, has allowed us to continue adding safe and secure pens to the campground!  

Aug 14th - Club Meeting, Horseriders Campground 6pm (RSVP for Pizza)  
Sept 23 - Fall Fundraiser, Horseman's Campground​

SKMHTA is a social organization of horse enthusiasts interested in the promotion, preservation, maintenance & improvement of the horse trails & campgrounds in the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest. Proudly established in 2003. Come join us in the fun of equestrian activities and enjoy the 54 miles of equestrian trails in the beautiful Southern Kettle Moraine.  

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