Sites with corrals on the current map:

Two 12x12 pens are at sites 414, 415, 416, 417, 419, 432, 434 and 456.
One 24x24 corral is now located at sites 401, 405, 421, 437, 451, 454, 458 and 461.


Newest installs not yet shown on the map:

430- 1 12x12 pen next to the existing highline area
431- 2 12x12 pens installed UNDER the highline area
433-2 12x12 pens installed UNDER the highline area (highline partially usable)
435 - 1 12x12 pen next to the existing highline area
436- 2 pens next to the existing highline area (one on each side)
402 - 2 pens next to the existing highline area

Horseriders Campground is the home of one of Wisconsin's best equestrian campgrounds and bridle trail systems. With direct access to over 54 miles of trails exploring the beauty of the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest, a stay at this campground is a must for many riders and even those who drive.

                                                       Same day reservations

To make a same day reservation, all you need to do is call 888-947-2757 or book online ( .
There will be no reservation fee involved with a same day reservation. When someone checks the reservation page, they will see what is available in real time.

The most noticeable change is that the DNR will no longer be hanging reservation tags on the site posts of the reserved sites. It would be very difficult to continually monitor the sites and check for changes, so the DNR will have new signage directing folks to have a reservation before setting up on a reservable site (401-467). 
It is very important that people do not even park at a site until they have paid for it.

The best scenario would be to book your site before you leave the house and know it will be waiting for you when you arrive. This way you can go directly to your site to unload the horses. The call center will have shorter hours in April, so you may need to do this online or stop at Forest HQ (open 9-4pm everyday but Sunday 11-4pm). The self-registration envelopes can no longer be used for reservable sites. You would only need to fill those out for stickers, trail passes, or staying on the three non-reservable sites (468, 469, and 470). In addition, if you want to extend your stay, it would be best to stop at the Forest HQ on Hwy 59 the day before to extend your stay so that someone can't make an online reservation early the next morning forcing you to relocate.

Camping Information

The campground has 30 back-in sites, 20 pull-through sites and one group campground. 

Each site has tether poles for picket line setups, a picnic table and fire pit. Portable corrals are allowed, but must be 30x30 feet or less and include the tether poles. 

Horseriders Campground

​​Electric is available at 29 sites (denoted by circled site numbers on the map). Running water, manure pits, wheelbarrows and pit toilets are stationed throughout the campground. There is also a covered shelter, commonly referred to as the pavilion, and a BBQ pit for group gatherings. The pavilion has electric outlets, and is often used for potluck meals.

Horserider's campground has a shower house and bathrooms!

The campground is open for overnight stays from mid-April to November 30th, however if planning to camp early or late in the season it may be best to check with the DNR to see if the running water has been turned off due to cold temperatures.

​​Southern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association