​​Southern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association



  • Footing in Corrals at sites: 415, 416, 417,419, 421, 432, 434, 437
  • Wheelbarrows for the campground, including many with flat free tires!
  • ​Put up removable sides on the pavilion at Horseriders Campground
  • Put up 8 sets of two 12x12 pens at Sites 414, 415, 416, 417, 419, 432, 434 and 456 AND 8 24x24 corrals at sites 401, 404, 421, 437, 451, 454, 458 and 461
  • New concrete manure pits installed at Horseriders Campground
  • Installation of hitching rails at Highway 12 trailhead
  • Electrification of 29 campsites at Horseriders Campground
  • Moraine Ridge Trail signage and connector development 
  • Electrification of the pavilion at Horseriders Campground
  • Developed and installed fire pit and mounting blocks at Horseriders Campground
  • Mounting blocks at various locations throughout the trail heads and trail system
  • Hitching posts installed at Ottawa trailhead and at the Pop Stop
  • Developed rest stop at Wilton Road in Eagle, complete with tie rails, picnic tables, porta potty and water source
  • Permanent Porta Potty installed at Pop Stop
  • Obstacle Course at the Highway S trailhead
  • Color coding and installation of new trail signs throughout the trail system with new trail map

 We need Volunteers to help with all our activities!


  • "The Stairs" trail cleanup. 
  • Add footing to current Corrals and add more Corrals to the campground.
  • Explore having Highlines and Corrals at select campsites 
  • Hitching posts and water planned at Scuppernog parking lot
  • ​Ongoing campground and trail clean-ups and obstacle course maintenance (Fix the Bridge)