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If you enjoy the trails and like what we have accomplished, please consider becoming a member (or making a donation) so that we can continue to improve the Southern Kettle Moraine horse trails and Horseriders Campground.

Member Benefits

Members meet monthly to discuss upcoming goals of the club. We are focused on maintaining, promoting, preserving the Southern Kettle Horse Trails. 

To enroll as a member, or make a donation,
click here for a printable form.  Annual dues are on a calendar year basis, due in January of each year and are $25 for single or family (people living under the same roof) membership, including officers.  Any renewals throughout the year are $25, regardless of when renewed.  Any members not current (renewals) will be charged the full membership of $25. New members who join July through December are considered current through the following year.  

Please also read and sign the liability release form.  This is a requirement of your membership.  


  • Clinics, seminars, fun rides and more!
  • ​The Corral Trailer Sales in Helenville offers a discount on parts and service
  • Racer Placers, Inc. offers discounted adoption fees

​​Southern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association